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Purpose Culture

Collaboration Team

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Margeaux (Jojo) Houge

Jojo is a Wellness Mentor, supporting people through their wellness journey. Growing her wellness brand means supporting abused women, encouraging women of color and providing safe spaces for women to be seen and heard. She recently became a Monat consultant and a Yoga instructor. She enjoys her daily coffee and makes space to reset daily. Her deep love for Jesus has fueled her life and has given her the strength to stay focused, healthy and a source of support for those she comes in contact with. She is a wife and mom of 3 active kids. She has a deep family connection and loves hanging with friends.

Natalie Gale

Natalie is the owner of Strideley Travel a travel consulting agency focused on wellness retreats and travel. She is passionate about connecting people and providing support to those beginning businesses. She is a health and travel enthusiast- finding ways to incorporate both is what inspired the foundation of her company. She is most passionate about spending time with her husband, daughter and dogs. Supporting her daughter in her pursuits is one of her great loves.

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Erin Worland-Molino

Erin is a Patient support services for biotechnology and Yoga Instructor. Her passion for people and the care of people runs throughout her life. She supports many community efforts and seeks ways to participate in making change throughout our world. She is a mom to 3 beautiful children and 2 doggies. She loves all things outdoors and enjoys hiking, snowboarding, traveling and being with friends and family.

Marina Stirdivant-Belmonte

Marina is an Entrepreneur at heart. She is a Yoga Instructor and Educator for others desiring to begin their journey as instructors. She is a facilitator of women’s circles and one of the founders of BYOMastermind. Helping women navigate through the mastermind process. She recently earned her real estate license and building a team of KASE real estate agents in the Central Coast of California. She and her husband have 3 children and enjoy camping, the beach and hosting dinner parties feeding their friends and family.

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Sage Nigh

Sage is a photographer; growing her business through photographing everything from sports weddings to real estate properties. She is and avid climber- empowering and supporting women in her sport to stand out and work hard. She is passionate about her faith and leans on God to direct her as she helps to support people that struggle with eating disorders. She loves lifting, running, and everything outdoors. She draws inspiration and strength by surrounding herself with nature. She loves to be with her niece and nephew and finds great joy in being their aunt.

Nicole Schreuder

Nicole is a Learning and Development Manager dedicating the last 18+ years to the corporate education environment. In her free time she is a supporter and encourager of other women through facilitating leadership book clubs , fitness groups, and a gardening community. Her passion for writing has a focus and intent to encourage others to make epic alterations in their lives so that they live their best life, embracing their most wonderfully unique selves. Nicole has a deep faith in God which has grown her in leading with a servant's heart. She is a wife and mom of 3 children and loves exploring, volunteering, working out and gardening.

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Christine Estrada - Founder

Christine is the Founder and Creative Facilitator of Purpose Culture. Her inspiration has come from a combination of her years as a Yoga Instructor, love of fashion and passion for people. She has taught Yoga for 4 years and continues to explore avenues to display her creativity on and off the mat. Her passion for doing business different has led her to use Purpose Culture as a platform for education and change within the garment industry and the ecological impacts of the industry. She continues to draw strength and inspiration through her faith as she fosters a love for those around her. Seeking to uplift those who have been historically marginalized, under represented and ignored within our society. In her free time she loves to travel, camp, snowboard, hike and be with her family and friends. She is a wife to her husband of 24 years and a mom to her 3 children.

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