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Let’s Bench Those Things that Don’t Serve us and Get Back to Growing and Achieving in 2022

By:  Nicole Schreuder

Raise your hand if you are tired of having conversations about COVID, variants, vaccines, stimulus checks, school closures, political mayhem, the opinions, the promoting, the divide in our environment has been relentless. We can sum up all these topics into just one word …EXHAUSTING and like me I hope you are done. We have allowed too much of our external environment to dominate our conversations, our goals, and our pursuits. This is the year that we need to bench the waiting, the watching, and hoping for our environment to return to what we knew before we get started pursuing something better. We are going to exchange bearable for best.  I am here to encourage you that your dreams and your desires need you, they need you to engage to continue pushing forward and pressing in, your dreams are still attainable even when life does not look like you wanted it to. Let’s not wait any longer; let’s stop being spectators watching and waiting for things to “get back to normal” ,the “old normal” may be stealing us from a great “new normal”, a better way of living, seeing things, and experiencing things. Remember the progress of the world does not define how or when you succeed, you define it by the attitude you have and how you choose to overcome the distractions in your life.
Let’s get back to making our life a priority.Here is your road map…

1. Avoid making life adjustments that are dictated by your environment; begin impacting your environment, not simply conforming.
Continue to put forth your best attitude and effort each and every day; it is what you do in the everyday no matter how small that will
make the biggest difference. If you are approaching each day with an attitude of development, take each experience and each lesson,
learn from it and get going.

2. Hold to your commitments; overcome the distractions that may have slowed you down, caused you to get off track, or sidetracked you.
There is no better time than now to refocus; your 2022 is calling; your goals are ready for your engagement and commitment.
Build your vision board, write out your plans; dream big, and believe even bigger. It is more important for you to focus on what is ahead
of you then continue to look back to see what you left behind.

3. Embrace what you have learned; take some stock in what you have learned about yourself, what has these last two years taught you.
Have you taken time to evaluate what does not serve you anymore or maybe identified those things that really were not as beneficial
as you once thought, have you found new and better ways to do things? How freeing it is to finally set somethings down and off load things.
Now you can move faster, you can focus better, and you can get to those things that matter most.

4. Keep investing in you; because when you invest in yourself you will gain the biggest return. You are the designer to your life.
Only you can make your life and the things that are important to you a top priority. You must make the time for the things that matter,
each person operates with the same 24-hours that you do, and I am sure a big commitment schedule as well. But for the things that are
important we make the time; it is that simple. And know that what you need to grow should be priority #1.

We are all stronger and better regardless of what is going on around us, because sometimes the unexpected external grows the internal in ways we could not plan nor prepare for. The opportunity for more is here, the opportunity for change is now and there is no better time than 2022. So, let’s keep going, let’s lean in, let’s not give up, and let’s see what we can do to have one of our best years yet. I am with you!!!

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